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Mona Island – Galapagos of the Caribbean

Mona Island is just off the coast of Rincón.  It is considered by many experts as one of the largest natural live laboratories of the world” It is commonly referred to as the Galapagos of The Caribbean, due to the high levels of uniqueness, or endemic species found on the Island.

Dazzling coral reefs, breathtaking cliffs and a multitude of caves make Mona Island the perfect habitat and the best kept Caribbean refuge to more than a hundred endangered species. Giant iguanas and sea turtles, red-footed boobies and many other migrating birds will be your welcoming hosts during a visit to this small island sandwiched between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Viewed from the air, this bean-shaped island looks like a giant piece of green puzzle placed over the dark blue ocean. Vertical cliffs rise from the ocean as giant walls surrounding its coasts. Mona’s uniqueness among other Caribbean islands lies in its use as a natural reserve for the conservation of sea turtles and the strict protection program implemented to preserve its ecosystem. The island is not inhabited except by the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources (DNR) personnel — resident biologist and rangers, as well by State Police personnel. Ecotravelers, nature lovers, biologists and ecologists are most welcomed.